Willy Jeep

The omnipresent Willy was present on all fronts of World War II. Available versions: Classic Jeep Jeep with cape Jeep of Communications Jeep with 30 caliber machine gun and 50 caliber (interchangeable) Bazoocas Bazoocas (USA) Air -shaped aircraft jeep with machine guns (USA) Jeep lrdg/sas (uk) British aircraft jeep

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Fiat 508

Chose your model: PolskiFiat 508/iiiw (2 door)       PolskiFiat 508/iiiw (4 door) PolskiFiat 508/iiiw delivery van  PolskiFiat 508/iiiw panel van (civilian) PolskiFiat 508/iiiw panel van (military) PolskiFiat 508/iiiw pickup (civilian)  PolskiFiat 508/iiiw pickup (military)  PolskiFiat 508/iiiw pickup ambulance PolskiFiat 508/iiiw Lazik (early) PolskiFiat...

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Marcadores Bolt Action

varied markers for Bolt Action. Each "pin" marker is intended for a 12mm dice inside. Each country batch contains 12 markers. Each "generic" lot includes: 4 double white markers set for mortars and artillerías. 2 immobilized vehicle markers 2 entrenched unit markers (DUG-IN) 8 Hidden unit markers (hidden) 2 markers of dead nco. 2...

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Polish Cavalry platoon 1939

Cavalry polish platton (1939). Include:

  • 10 x Polish lancers with rogatywka hat
  • 10 x Polish lancers with Adrian Helmet
  • 1 x Fiat 621
  • 1 x TKS with autocannon
  • 1 x 75mm Howitzer model 1897
  • 1 x Ursus Wz.29 armored car
  • 1 x Horse Drawn limber
  • 1 x Artillery templates

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The production of M15/42 began on January 1, 1943 and about 90 tanks were built before the Italian armistice of September 8, 1943 after which they were used against the Germans in Rome by the 132nd armored division Ariete.

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Obús Schneider Modelo 1917 de 155mm

The 155 mm vaus model 1917 Schneider was a French howbid designed by Schneider. It was essentially the 155 C canon Modèle 1915 Schneider with a plastic shutter to use propellant load in fabric loots instead of metal sheath. He was used during World War. At the beginning of World War II it was still in service.

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