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M4 Sherman

The M4 Sherman, officially Medium Tank M4, was the average tank most used by the United States and Western Allies in World War II.

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Brand: Kyoushuneko Miniatures

Sherman WWW

1 x Sherman WWW. Includes: Sherman tank Sherman commander Sherman pintle mounted .50 DISCLAIMER: This Weird War models are inspired in historical models, but they are not 100% historical accurate.

Price €12.95
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T-29 super pesado

was the American counterpart to Tiger II, although he did not arrive on time to participate in the European War.

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Based on the Valentine chassis and with a 17 -pound cannon, this tank hunter was designed to be triggered on his back.

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Bedford MW

British transport truck MVD early without doors MVD early discovered without doors MVD early with doors MVD early discovered with doors MVD late MVD late with co -pilot hatch MVD Late Discovered with Copilot Hectilla MVD late discovered MVC cistern MWV with co -driver's hatch MWV

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Brand: Deweycat

Willy Jeep

The omnipresent Willy was present on all fronts of World War II. Available versions: Classic Jeep Jeep with cape Jeep of Communications Jeep with 30 caliber machine gun and 50 caliber (interchangeable) Bazoocas Bazoocas (USA) Air -shaped aircraft jeep with machine guns (USA) Jeep lrdg/sas (uk) British aircraft jeep

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Brand: Deweycat

Fábrica modular

This modular factory is designed to represent any German, Soviet or French factory. This configurable modular building can be as large as you want, you just have to add a module behind another to do it to your liking. You will need at least one "1" module and one "5" to be able to "close" the factory ". With each module" 1 "," 5 "or" 6 ", a signals are...

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used by the British forces, it was so light that it could even be launched in a glider during airborne operations. 4 models available. With turret with 2 -pound cannon With turret with Light Obús With turret with Little Jhon adapter Self -propelled gun Alect

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