Willy Jeep

The omnipresent Willy was present on all fronts of World War II. Available versions: Classic Jeep Jeep with cape Jeep of Communications Jeep with 30 caliber machine gun and 50 caliber (interchangeable) Bazoocas Bazoocas (USA) Air -shaped aircraft jeep with machine guns (USA) Jeep lrdg/sas (uk) British aircraft jeep

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Fiat 508

Chose your model: PolskiFiat 508/iiiw (2 door)       PolskiFiat 508/iiiw (4 door) PolskiFiat 508/iiiw delivery van  PolskiFiat 508/iiiw panel van (civilian) PolskiFiat 508/iiiw panel van (military) PolskiFiat 508/iiiw pickup (civilian)  PolskiFiat 508/iiiw pickup (military)  PolskiFiat 508/iiiw pickup ambulance PolskiFiat 508/iiiw Lazik (early) PolskiFiat...

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Marcadores Bolt Action

varied markers for Bolt Action. Each "pin" marker is intended for a 12mm dice inside. Each country batch contains 12 markers. Each "generic" lot includes: 4 double white markers set for mortars and artillerías. 2 immobilized vehicle markers 2 entrenched unit markers (DUG-IN) 8 Hidden unit markers (hidden) 2 markers of dead nco. 2...

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Infantería ligera del tercio (Morriones)

Light Tercio Infantry. Perfect for your fantasy or historical games.

This pack contains 10 miniatures with different weapons. Does not include command group.


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Flat movement trays

Plan Movement Basins, compatible with historical games such as Hail Caesar, Pike and Shotte, Kings of War Historic, or Black Powder; With fantastic games like Kings of War.

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This German self -propelled artillery was based on the chassis of a maultier. Available two models: 8cm rockets 15cm rockets

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